15W40 205L CPS Engine Oil Drum


SHPD E7 15w/40 is a heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated to meet the most severe lubrication requirements demanded by Mercedes Benz, Cummins and Scania. It has been formulated to meet the demands of Euro 4. SHPD E7 15w/40 is a blend of solvent refined base oils, viscosity index improvers, pour point depressants and an innovative additive system.

SHPD E7 15w/40 is suitable for all European truck and buses used for inner-city or long haul applications, where an oil satisfying the requirements of Euro 4 and Euro 3 is needed. It meets API CI-4/SL, ACEA E7 and VDS-3 quality. SHPD E7 15w/40 is particularly suited for Cummins engines where piston cleanliness, oxidation and wear and emissions are finely controlled.


  • Offers improved wear protection and soot dispersancy.
  • The very latest industry standard ACEA E7 and API CI-4.
  • Ideal choice for newer mixed fleet long haul vehicles needing a Euro 4 or Euro3 grade.



Key Features
Feature 1 Specification: API: CI-4/CH-4/CG-4SL, ACEA: E7/E5/E3/B4/B3/A3 MAN: 3275, Cummins: 20071/72/76/77/78 MB: 228.3 & 229.1, MTU: Type 2, Mack: EO-M+, Volvo: VDS-3, Renault: RVI RLD-2, Global: DHD-1, ZF TE-ML 07C/04C, Caterpillar ECF 1, US EPA TIER 1,2,3
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