AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Control Panel - DSE4520


Our AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Control Panels are manufactured and designed by CPS. The AMF control panel is connected to a rated sized generator to supply back up to the mains. The AMF panel monitors the mains, if the mains should fail or fall outside the preset limits. The preset limits can be adjusted via a laptop or PC.

Our control panels are built into a IP65 rated box, with ABB terminals and have a emergency stop fitted at standard. The DSE4520 control module is an outstanding compact module that provides a comprehensive range of features.

Key Features:

  • Alternator frequency & CAN speed sensing in one variant
  • Largest back-lit icon display in its class
  • Heated display option
  • Real time clock provides accurate event logging
  • Fully configurable via the fasciaor PC using USB communication
  • Extremely efficient power save mode
  • 3 phase generator sensing
  • 3 phase mains (utility) sensing (DSE4520 only)
  • Compatible with 600 V ph to phnominal systems
  • Generator/load power monitoring (kW, kV A, kV Ar, pf)
  • Accumulated power monitoring (kW h, kVA h, kVAr h)
  • Generator overload protection (kW)
  • Generator/load current monitoring and protection
  • Fuel and start outputs (configurable when using CAN)
  • 4 configurable DC outputs (2 for DSE4510)
  • 3 configurable analogue/digital inputs
  • 4 configurable digital inputs
  • Configurable staged loading outputs
  • 3 engine maintainance alarms
  • Engine speed protection
  • Engine hours counter
  • Engine pre-heat
  • Engine run-time scheduler
  • Engine idle control for starting & stopping
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Start on low battery voltage
  • Configurable remote start input
  • 1 alternative configuration
  • Comprehensive warning, electrical trip or shutdown protection upon fault condition
  • LCD alarm indication
  • Event log (50)

We can offer you a full be spoke solution, so please don’t hesitate to ask as our knowledgeable team is on hand.


Item Specifics
Model CPS-AMF-DSE4520
Autonomy Time
Option 1 12v 3 Amp Battery
Option 2 12v 5 Amp Battery
Option 3 24v 3 Amp Battery
Option 4 24v 5 Amp Battery
After Care
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