ATS-886 1250A Automatic Transfer Switch


Our ATS-886, has a maximum amp rating of 1250A and has a IP protection rating of IP55.

The automatic transfer switch panel, allows the switch between the main power and generating set lines depending on the commands given by the automatic mains failure panel (AMF) mounted on generating set. Supplied with metal sheet box having lockable door, indication lights for mains and for generating set, contactors electrically and mechanically interlocked, protection fuses and suitable terminal box.

Our CPS Automatic transfers are produced using high quality UK and European components. We keep a wide range in stock or we can offer you a full be-spoke design that can be tailored to suit your needs.


Key Features
Feature 1 Maximum KVA Rating 886.
Feature 2 Maximum AMP 1250.
Feature 3 IP Protection Rating IP55
Dimmensions 1600*400*800 (LWH, MM)
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